Confira nossa entrevista à rádio CBN Diário

O repórter Kadu Reis, da rádio CBN Diário Florianópolis, 740MHz AM, fez uma entrevista com O Craiovano sobre os conflitos entre FC Universitatea e CS Universitatea e o projeto de documentário que será um TCC de jornalismo da Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. Confira na íntegra:

Se você ainda não conhece o projeto e a campanha de crowdfunding é só acessar


7 comentários em “Confira nossa entrevista à rádio CBN Diário

  1. Congratulations,

    This blog is better than all romanian sport newspapers combined. We should transfer brazilian journalists too. What a passion for footbal to write about this, only a brazilian could do such a thing.

    1. Thank you very much. I actually have an open crowdfunding campaign to gather money so I’ll be able to make a safer travel and buy the adequate equipments: – Thank you very much for the kind words, they give an extra strenght to carry on!

  2. First of all congrats for everything you’ve done and you’re trying to do. I want to let you know that your story is know all over Romania due to an article posted today on a sports newspaper. I also want to let you know that I am also a fan of Universitatea Craiova, and proudly i can say you fell in love with the team which has got probably the most passionate fans all over Romania. Keep up the good work and i trully hope we all get to see UCV rising again.

    1. Thank you very much, Marius. You may help the project a lot by sharing my crowdfunding campaign or contributing with a bit of money:

      Thank you very much for your kind words, it’s being an honor to study Craiovean and Romanian football for these past 3 years. All of best!

  3. Hello! my name is Dan from Romania (Pitesti city)
    I read an article from – this:
    i read all your articles about FC Universitatea Craiova,unfortunately no longer in existence (CS Universitatea Craiova sure is another club now) ,also another romanian teams with tradition and many fans with huge passion ,died, especially FC Arges Pitesti,who gave the most probable the best romanian footballer of our history – Nicolae Dobrin (was present in Mexico 1970 he qualified Romania at that world cup being no.1 player of the team,but after a conflict with the manager at the time-Angelo Niculescu,he,i mean Dobrin don’t played not even 1 minute,was held on the bench permanent ,and he missed the match vs. Brazil (the best Brazil team ever) ,but he was huge like Pele at the time,so international football don’t know about one of the best romanian players in the 70’s) so FC Arges of Dobrin,champion of Romania in 1972 and 1979 died also,extinct team in the present ,verdict 2014… 😦 yesterday another team Gloria Bistrita was extinct officially ,a lot of sad stories ,with some important clubs from Romania vanished…hmmm money money ….no money, no football,corruption etc
    sorry for my long presentation ,i hope you to come here and go to Craiova to meet Craiova fans.
    Have a nice day!

    1. Hello, Dan! I’m familiar with the story of Arges, in fact I’ve written about the club sometimes in here, you may search for them. Thank you very much for your support. If it’s not asking too much, may you share the crowdfunding campaign able in or share when you’re able? It’s really important for me in a way I can go to Craiova.

      Have a nice day, and once again, thank you very much for your support, It’s really important. Best wishes for you!

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